What to Expect on a Solo Safari in East Africa

By 829 Studios Admin June 21, 2020

So, you want to venture out on safari but you can’t rustle up anyone to go with? Or, perhaps, you’ve always wanted to embark on a grand solo adventure but consistently seem to talk yourself out of it? Whatever your reasons, you’ve finally jumped the hurdle and set your sights on East Africa. Regardless of which guaranteed small group Classic Safari you choose, you’ll find East Africa is a land ripe with wondrous experiences. Let’s give you more of an idea about what awaits you in East Africa on a solo safari. 

Solo Travellers Are a Micato Specialty

Being in the safari business for 50+ years can teach you a thing or two about the way people like to travel. Guiding travellers on safari throughout the years has made our amazing Safari Directors privy to the unique needs of single safariers. Furthermore, solo safariers find our Safari Directors to be fast friends with whom they share multiple interests. Some people arrive without having fully shed their solo traveller worries but quickly find their apprehension overshadowed by joy. Additionally, our Directors find, for solo travellers who choose a Classic Safari experience, that single safariers mesh smoothly with groups, and lasting friendships are often made. Just because you’re choosing to travel alone does not mean you miss out on the spectacular Micato touch. 

Experience Magnificent Wildlife Encounters

Safari is a lifetime dream for travellers and, for some, a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, some stunning wildlife encounters are in order. Luckily, you’ve chosen the right place considering East Africa is a wildlife marvel. For solo travellers opting for a Classic Safari experience, the Micato Grand Safari will whisk you off to places like Amboseli National Park, the Maasai Mara, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti Plains. These fascinating ecosystems play host to some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the planet. If you’re looking to spot the Big Five, the Little Five, African safari staples, species you’ve never heard of, or the wildebeest migration, you can do it all on a safari in East Africa. 


For solo travellers choosing a Private Custom safari, East Africa is quite literally your oyster. You could do a mix of all four locations listed above and even throw in a visit to tropical Zanzibar or swing around to Rwanda for a bit of gorilla trekking. Micato’s Private Custom safaris allow you to experience Africa as you see fit and bring a whole new meaning to the term “tailor-made”. 

Stressless African Luxury

“Luxury” can mean many things depending on who you ask. However, if Micato had to define “luxury” in one word, it would be “stress-less”. No matter if you’re attached to a group on one of our Classic Safaris or if you’re creating your own adventure on a Private Custom safari, there are touches of luxury everywhere. From the places you’ll stay like The Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti or the eclectic Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, to the 24/7 concierge team poised to meet your every request, Micato minimizes all stress points so you can focus on enjoying yourself. 

Join Us for the Solo Safari of a Lifetime

Don’t let the notion of being a solo traveller hold you back from experiencing the majesty of Africa. You’re in good hands with Micato and our team will ensure your safari in East Africa is as safe, accommodating, and luxurious as possible. Get the process started with one of our expert Safari Specialists today. East Africa awaits!

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