Luxury Journeys to Jaipur

Residents of the beautiful Pink City are Parisian in their pride of place. Writer Louis Nicholson has playfully and affectionately called Jaipur “the bustling, monkey-filled, oleander pink toytown capital of Rajasthan”. Jaipur is indeed a microcosm of India’s cyclonic colourfulness and bustle, of its endlessly imaginative architecture, and very Indian intermingling of past and up-to-the-second present. (On a less dramatic note, is also a world-class shopper’s playground, especially for lovers of fine jewelry.)

Luxury Journeys to Jaipur

Royal Places of India

Royal Palaces of India

Majesty and Luxury Abounding

​On this journey to India’s north, we visit the grandest of the subcontinent’s old and its new palaces, in some of which we happily stay.

16 days from $22,700 per person
Spelendours of Northern India

Splendours of Northern India

Mughal Monuments and Majesty

Based from some of the world’s most expertly luxurious and serene hotels, this brilliantly choreographed journey brings us into intimate contact with many of India’s most compelling splendours in a little less than two weeks.

13 days from $18,650 per person
Xanandu Lodge View

Custom Journeys

One-of-a-Kind Adventures

Hand-crafting Custom Journeys is something we do as well as—no, better than anyone in the world.

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