Couples and Friends on Safari

Safaris are made to be shared, perhaps most vividly while you’re basking in Africa’s wonderments—on your lodge’s verandah, sundowners in hand, when tales of today and of times past flow easily as the sun sets, or at dinner after an especially eventful safari drive, the one where the lions perched on that big tree like Christmas ornaments.

Luxury Safari Your Way

That kind of experience- and amazement-sharing is something old friends and couples enjoy year-round, of course, but it’s ratcheted up enormously, joyously on safari. Which is why so many good friends and couples are attracted to Micato’s Three Ways to Safari, which offer a variety of ways for groups of friends and couples to strengthen their bonds by the unique experience of safari.

Join Us for a Classic Adventure

So, if you contact our safari experts—or do a bit of roaming— you’ll learn that our small-group, guaranteed departure Classic Safaris are well-designed to afford friends and couples with privacy-within-a-group (we’ve been sending friends and families on safari for more than half a century; it’s something we do with panache).

Or, Craft Your Own Experience

You might prefer a fully private, hand-tailored Custom Safari. All our three varieties of safari are accompanied from takeoff to liftoff by a Micato Safari Director, but on Custom Safaris, that dedicated professional quickly becomes attuned to your rhythms and preferences, very often becoming a valued honorary member of your group. The same can be said of our third option for couples and groups of friends: a Private Classic, in which you easily convert one of our Classic Safaris to a private, autonomous group, as always with you own Safari Director, safari vehicles, etc.

I’m stumbling for superlatives here become “astounding,” “consistently breathtaking,” and even “perfect” just can’t convey how splendidly wrong we were in thinking that Micato was like anyone else. For them, it’s not about luxury (thought there was that to spare), it’s about authenticity. Our guides were not only magically knowledgeable about every possible thing you might want to discover about the wildlife that popped up at every turn, they were funny, human, and real.

Bob Ramsey and Jean Marmoreo, who safaried to Kenya and Tanzania with a group of friends

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