A Few Familiar Faces

Many familiar faces have been seen on safari with Micato, relishing the unsurpassed service and warm family atmosphere enjoyed by all Micato guests. Here are just a few who have chosen Micato for their safari sojourns.

George W Bush on a Micato safari in East Africa

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Secretary Clinton, flanked by Micato Safaris Managing Director Dennis Pinto and son Tristan Pinto, joined us for a private safari in Ranthambore National Park, about which she said, “I will never forget the tigers we saw during our visit… and appreciate the unforgettable experience you helped arrange during my trip to India.”

George W. Bush
and Family

The Bush family met up with Micato Africa
founders Felix and Jane Pinto
while on their Micato safari in East Africa.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman and family safaried
in East Africa, meeting up with the
Pinto Family for lunch in their
Nairobi home.

Alex and Jean Trebek

The legendary television icon stated “you
expect first-class treatment from Micato and that’s
exactly what you get. What makes Micato even
more special is the attention to detail in the added touches, the welcoming dinners, the little gifts from
Felix and Jane along the way, and the extra care
taken with our children.”

Michael J. Fox &
Tracy Pollan,
Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopoulos

This wonderful crew explored East Africa with Micato.

Spike Lee

Spike Lee joined Micato on safari in East Africa
and continued on to Dubai, where we heartily
approved of his son Jackson’s choice of headgear!

Brian Williams

Brian Williams and family enjoyed
a festive season sojourn in
South Africa with Micato.

Heidi Klum

After her safari Heidi Klum wrote us and
simply exclaimed, “Micato rules!”

Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood and family safaried in
East Africa. The actor praised his trip, stating
“Micato rules supreme in the world of safaris
very simply because of their attention to detail
and their ability to anticipate and coordinate
the most fantastical adventures.”