Luxury African Safaris to Zambia

Micato’s Zambian sojourns are usually focussed on Victoria Falls, a major-league earthly wonder.

The first Westerner to lay eyes on the massive cataract was the missionary/explorer David Livingston, who named it for Queen Victoria in 1855. The many people who live in its presence, who hear its never-ending thunder and see from many miles away the silvery plume of mist that rises from it, had long ago named it Mosi-oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders. Victoria isn’t the world’s highest waterfall (that distinction goes to Venezuela’s wispy Angel Falls), nor its most voluminous (Niagara is the champ there), but it is unquestionably the world’s most massive and impressive. The Falls are a ceaseless delight, and our visits, based from the classically luxurious Royal Livingstone, feature river cruises, cultural excursions, and leisurely sundowners near the Falls’ dramatic precipice.

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Luxury Africa Safaris to Zambia


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