Design a Custom, Private Safari

Hand-crafting one-of-a-kind private safaris is something we do as well as—no, better than anyone in the world. (We’re eager to back up that claim; don’t hesitate to give us a good grilling.)

Why Consider a Custom Safari?

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For the Privacy

We’ve created especially enjoyable private Custom Safaris for eager first-timers, connoisseurs, celebrities, college buddies, friends-since-kindergarten, big bubbly families, and avid parties of one.

For the Sheer Luxury

The thoughtful and soothing luxury of the continent’s finest camps, lodges, hotels, private villas and estates. The luxury of privacy and the uncomplicated serenity that comes with it. And the luxury of choosing where and when you want to go, where you want to stay, all based on your interests and inclinations.

Custom Safari

For the Service

Every Custom Safari is accompanied from beginning to end by a highly-credentialed Safari Director. Our unique Micato Concierge Service is at your beck and call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And behind all this is the Pinto family’s celebrated commitment to open-hearted, unstinting service.

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For the Flexibility

Completely personalized Micato Custom Safaris can include everything from hiking in mystic cloud forests, fishing, rafting, scuba diving, horsebacking amidst giraffes, and jogging with Maasai warriors to hammock-lazing, long picnics in the shade of acacia trees, and leisurely–or highly focused–game drives.

If you’re enticed by a particular camp, lodge, private villa or estate or a famed or lesser-known place, or a specific safari theme (predators, tribal cultures, geography, let’s say) we’ll make it happen for you. Some people go on safari in search of serenity and refreshment. Some seek strenuous adventure. A Custom Safari can accommodate either or both approaches. Our experts will construct a safari that meets your interest and energy levels, day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

Custom or Classic?

Our small-group, guaranteed-departure Classic Safaris operate with the same deep dedication to service and comfort as our private Custom Safaris.

Classic Safaris are also a bountiful source of inspirations for your Custom Safari—in fact, this entire website is a grand grab bag of ideas for places to safari, lodges, camps private villas and estates to luxuriate in, and activities to be astounded by.

For instance, you might look at the 15-day, 45-guaranteed-departures-a-year Micato Grand Safari and tell us, “That looks great for my family, let’s do it,” turning the small group safari into your own private safari. Or you might want to tinker with the itinerary a bit or a lot. Our Custom Safari experts will work alongside you to create a customized itinerary that fits your needs exactly.

You may want to research some more, or you may be inspired to get your dream safari rolling right now by looking at some of the great regional destinations below. Either way, make the adventure-launching call to your travel advisor or our Custom Safari creators at (800) MICATO-1. You’ll see a list of our Custom Safari Camps by clicking the button under the area.

Start Planning Your Custom Safari