Experiences & Activities. Each moment on a Micato safari is sublime. But there are some experiences that stand out.

Sleeping Under Canvas

The Africa of your imagination

Biking in the Cape Winelands

​Glorious scenery, great wines, excellent exercise

Meet an Elephant

​We thought we knew them, but….

Encounters with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

​Dallying with Gentle Giants

Soaring Over Kenya’s Northern Frontier

Helicoptering to Humankind’s Birthplace


Find the rarest treasures..

Local Arts Scene

Experience the native arts and crafts

Sleeping Under the Stars

A night unlike any other

Meeting a Village Elder

Every day on safari, meaningful encounters

Walking Safaris

Not only seeing wildlife… but walking in their world.

Visiting Nelson Mandela’s Prison

A quintessential chapter in South Africa's history

Floating Over Africa

A skyward safari unlike any other

Your First Glimpse of a Lion

You'll be hooked after the first look

Sending a Child to School

Safari is our business. Education is our passion.

Mokoro Boat Ride

Reposeful, beautiful, absolutely dreamy

Spectacular Sundowners

Playing Soccer in a Village

​Playful Meetings on the Pitch

At Home in a Legendary Land

Treating our guests like well-loved relatives, always

Explore Humanity’s Birthplace

On an archaeological dig with the Leakeys

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