Experiences & Activities. Each moment on a Micato safari is sublime. But there are some experiences that stand out.

Sleeping Under Canvas

Luxury Safari Accommodation in Africa

Biking in the Cape Winelands

​Glorious scenery, great wines, excellent exercise

Meet an Elephant

​We thought we knew them, but….

Encounters with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

​Dallying with Gentle Giants

Soaring Over Kenya’s Northern Frontier

Helicoptering to Humankind’s Birthplace

Shopping on Safari

Exploring Africa's colourful markets

Local African Arts Scene

Discover Africa's talented artists

Sleeping Under the Stars

A night unlike any other

Meeting a Village Elder

Every day on safari, meaningful encounters

Walking Safaris

Not only seeing wildlife… but walking in their world.

Visiting Nelson Mandela’s Prison

A quintessential chapter in South Africa's history

Hot Air Ballooning Over Africa

A skyward safari unlike any other

Your First Glimpse of a Lion

You'll be hooked after the first look

Sending a Child to School

Safari is our business. Education is our passion.

Mokoro Boat Ride

Reposeful, beautiful, absolutely dreamy

Spectacular Sundowners

A traditional ending to a day on safari

Playing Soccer in an African Village

​Playful Meetings on the Pitch

At Home in a Legendary Land

Treating our guests like well-loved relatives, always

Explore Humanity’s Birthplace

On an archaeological dig with the Leakeys

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