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Mokoro Boat Ride

Mokoro boat experience

Insider’s Take

We set off from our Okavango camp’s lagoon-side dock, slipping into a mokoro, a slim craft ideal for wending the channels of the Delta.

Our guide, who magically knows his way around this lush maze, works his pole expertly. He quietly alerts us to a big Nile crocodile motionless in the papyrus reeds. A little while later, an elephant bubbles out of the water in front of us; she’s polite, but as surprised as we are.

Birds zoom by overhead. Hippos grunt and yawn in a small lagoon. Comely red lechwes drink the Delta’s clean waters, and in the near distance we see a flock of impalas, finely tuned as Swiss watches, as they spring and gallop bewitchingly.

Like every single one of us at Micato, the Pintos are fervent fans of the Okavango. In Joy Phelan-Pinto’s blog, Botswana with the Pinto Family, she writes about the “absolutely dreamy” experience of the family’s “favourite form of transportation.”

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