Why Choose Micato India?

Micato’s beguiling luxury tours in India are inspired by our Indian heritage, by decades of experience, and by an enduring fascination with this endlessly engaging country. We’re intent upon presenting India in its most sparkling and enchanting light, and so:

Toppest-Notch Travel Directors

All our luxury Indian Journeys are accompanied every step of the way by a highly-trained Indian Travel Director. We stress Indian, because of the advantages of being escorted by someone deeply knowledgeable about the land and its customs and dialects, not to mention its lesser-visited wonders, including unique encounters with local people our guides have known for years, marvelous people in all walks of life, engaged in all kinds of fascinating endeavours, from India’s skyrocketing movers and shakers, to traditional artists, cosmic thinkers, and tea shop proprietors with a love for Hitchcock movies.

As journalist Becca Hensley writes, “Our Micato Travel Director was a miracle worker, following one magic trick with the next.”

All Gratuities Always Included

No tipping is necessary or expected in Micato’s India, ever, from the beginning of your trip to its end (this includes tips to your Travel Director and drivers). We are happy to take care of this often nagging detail for you.

An Indian Company

Micato India’s home base is in India, not in an office two oceans away. Upon arrival you are given key phone numbers, which you can call anytime, day or night. So, if your Travel Director isn’t in attendance, and you need a prescription filled, a question answered, or a car at your hotel’s front entrance, we’re on-the-24-hour-ball. Plus, Micato is a well-known and respected partner of India’s champion hotels, making life all the sweeter for our guests.


We fly business class in India whenever possible. If—as sometimes is the case—there is no business class, we purchase an extra 12 pounds of baggage allowance per sector, per guest.

We Pick Up the Check, Always

All meals are included everywhere, every day. If you choose to dine at one of your hotel’s restaurants, you’re not—this is very often the case—limited to a buffet or minimal menu. And if you want to sample one of Jaipur’s famous eateries, or follow your Travel Director’s tip on a hip new Delhi café, Micato takes care of the check.

Refreshing Travel

We only use the most up-to-date, air-conditioned vehicles (and our cars and vans are carefully supplied with iced water, hand sanitizers, snacks, and whatever you need).

Travel+Leisure-Approved Expert At Your Service

When we say we have an A-List India expert on our team, we mean it… our Marion Miller was named to Travel+Leisure’s ultra-selective A-List — one of only 140 or so travel experts in the world accorded this honour — for her expertise in crafting unparalleled journeys to India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Marion arranges creative Indian programmes for our travellers in conjunction with our exceptional on-the-ground team, which has deep roots in the community and decades of insider connections to provide you with one-of-a-kind India experiences. Give Marion a call at 1-800 MICATO-1 or ask for her by way of our contact form; you’ll relish getting to know her as you and she plan the India adventure of your imagination!

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