Custom Private Jet Safaris

Very few things in life are as soothingly salubrious,hassle-reducing, and— let’s face it, pure fun— than a fully private jet safari with your family, your closest friends, or your business associates.

Arranging, facilitating, and creating private jet safaris has been a Micato speciality for more than a couple of decades. We know the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the permissions and strip lengths, and we’re masters at untangling and scissoring red tape.

Our clients fly on their own or chartered jets from Europe or the U.S., or pick up a jet charter in Nairobi, Cape Town, or Johannesburg. We’re practised at planning and arranging intra-Africa flights—to Rwanda or Namibia, let’s say— and flights onward, to the Seychelles for one sublime example, or further east to India (where they’ll be met by our equally adept Micato India team).

Mixing prop charters and helicopter flights into the bush on safari with international jet travel is old hat to us.

Contact our air safari experts to begin planning a magnificent, serene journey.

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