Custom Private Jet Safaris

“Airy dalliances with Africa’s incomparable landscapes,” is how we rhapsodize Flying Over Africa. It’s true about our prop plane bush flights, and many would say it’s even truer about helicopter jaunts to places eyeboggling to see from the air, like Victoria Falls or South Africa’s theatric Blyde Canyon, or Cape Town’s magnificent mix of nature and humanity, to hard-to-reach places like Kenya’s vast Northern Frontier region (with its otherworldly Lake Turkana) or the Laikipia Plateau’s Mount Lolgurugi (where we can enjoy picnic breakfasts on the heights). And many marvelous places and revelatory jaunts in between.

When you talk safari with our experts, you’ll be filled in on helicopter excursions almost as unlimited as Africa’s vast skies.

And as for jets: Arranging, facilitating, and creating custom private jet safaris has been a Micato speciality for more than a couple of decades. We know the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the permissions and strip lengths, FOBs and immigration requirements, and we’re masters at untangling and scissoring red tape.

A private jet

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