Custom Journeys

Our custom journeys in India are inspired by a good old British – and Anglo-Indian – word, bespoke, derived from the verb bespeak, “to give order for it to be made” – with the understanding that it be made to custom, a persnicketively high, luxuriantly fresh and suave standard, always in fruitful, friendly collaboration between purveyor and client.

Custom-building journeys to India has been a Micato specialty for more than two decades. No one is capable of doing it more competently or more graciously.

We bring pride and deep engagement with our ancestral home to bear on these personalized trips. Each is exactly crafted according to your interests and time restraints. Each is accompanied from beginning to end by its own Travel Director. Each is backed up by Micato’s large in-country staff. Each is built with a relentless zeal for identifying the most intelligently and elegantly luxurious hotels and most delighting activities on the subcontinent. And each and every Custom Indian Journey operates with a personal commitment to our guests from the Pinto and Haidar Ali families.

We offer you India entire, in all its incomparable glory: from the Taj Mahal to historic Delhi to the rocketing megalopolis of Mumbai to the Mughal masterpieces of Rajasthan to the vaulting peaks of the Indian and Bhutanese Himalaya and south to lush Kerala. If you want to go there — however you want to go there, including by private charter jet — we will take you in very high Micato style.

The next step is yours and we’re most eager to help you take it, as we love chatting India. Send a note to our Travel+Leisure award-winning India specialist Marion Miller or better yet, give her a call at (800) Micato-1 — she’s delightful! – to see how wondrous and exhilarating it is simply to talk about Micato’s India…