Private Classic Safaris

It’s simple. A phone call will do it. The rest is fine-tuning. You pick one of our Classic Luxury Safaris, hone in on one of its many departure dates and tell us you want to make it a Private Classic.

What Makes a Private Classic Private?

The Private Classic is one of our Classic safaris made into a private trip for just you and your friends. You’ll travel on your own and at your own pace, with your own vehicles, drivers, Safari Director all to yourselves.

Hundreds of Departures

Choose the Micato Classic Safari that most enchants you and pick the date that works best for your group. Then give us a call. If the date is available, it’s yours. If it isn’t, we’ll find a way to make it work for you, one way or another.

A Private Safari for Less

Converting a Classic Safari into a Private Classic for you and your group gives you many of the same benefits as a built-from-scratch Custom Safari, but for less. Just having the full attention of a Micato Safari Director is a tremendous value.

What Size Group Is The Right Size?

Any size at all. Invite your family, friends, business associates or reserve a Private Classic for simply you and a special someone. It’s entirely up to you. And if the size of your group grows or shrinks before you go, no worries… we’ll make it work.

Will You Get Your Dates?  Of Course.

We will do our utmost to honour your first choice of dates. And we deeply dislike saying no. If you request a date for a departure that’s already booked, we will open up a new departure on that date just for your group.

How Do I Book a Private Classic?

Give us a call at 212-545-7111 or 800-MICATO-1. We’re here from 8:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone) every weekday. Or send us an email at and we’ll get to work on your Private Classic Safari post haste.

Which Private Journey Will You Choose?

People with a gorilla


As travel writer Tim Cahill commented, “A journey is best measured in friends”. Travel offers a shared experience you can cherish for years to come. Why not start with the Jewels of Southern Africa?.


Africa in one of the most family-friendly places on Earth. Fabulous sights are seen, horizons stretched, educations enhanced and memories created. See the winding waterways and immense floodplains that Botswana’s Timeless Wilderness offers.

Special Occasions

How about celebrating your 100th birthday with Maasai elders? You’re never too old to safari and The Hemingway Wing Safari is a lifetime opportunity for all. Learn more.

East Africa

The gamelands are dramatically, heart-stirringly unique, the greatest display of star-quality wildlife on planet Earth. The most famous of East Africa’s wildlife kingdoms is the Serengeti-Maasai Mara Ecosystem. This is just one area the Micato Grand Safari explores.

Southern Africa

South Africa’s diversity is nearly planetary in scope. Cape Town is one of Earth’s most dazzlingly situated cities. Add to this the allure of Namibia with The Great Namibia and South Africa Adventure.


India is a land of rapturous liveliness, of art and devotion and flowering creativity, a land that values intense quietude amidst its endlessly swirling colour. You can experience many of India’s most compelling magnificence on Splendours of Northern India.