Luxury Journeys to Varanasi

One of the world’s most longed-for pilgrimage sites, Varanasi is the vibrant centre of the vast Hindu universe, a rare “thin place” where the spiritual and physical realms meet. Perhaps the most continuously inhabited city on earth—“older than history,” Mark Twain wrote, “older than tradition, older even than legend”—Varanasi is set propitiously on the banks of the ultra-sacred Ganges, “the river of India,” India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru called it, “beloved of her people…a symbol of India’s age-long culture and civilization.”


Walking down to the banks of the Ganges in the morning, or especially in the early evening, joining thousands of pilgrims—mothers and scampering children, holy men and businesspeople, Brahmin grandees, regular folks and wide-eyed visitors from all over India and the world—is a great moment in a traveller’s life, a swirlingly colourful, deeply moving, utterly fascinating daily epic. Our experience of Varanasi is enhanced by visits to a number of its most important temples and a short jaunt to another of the planet’s most important spiritual sites: Sarnath, where Gautama Buddha first spoke in public after his enlightenment at nearby Bodh Gaya.

Luxury Journeys to Varanasi

Royal Places of India

Royal Palaces of India

Majesty and Luxury Abounding

​On this journey to India’s north, we visit the grandest of the subcontinent’s old and its new palaces, in some of which we happily stay.

16 days from $22,700 per person
The Soul of India

The Soul of India

Into Innermost India

We created The Soul of India to provide a thoughtful, succinctly paced, and delightful look at some of the continent’s most eye-brightening sights, including supremely holy Varanasi and the tigers of Ranthambore National Park.

16 days from $21,050 per person
Spelendours of Northern India

Splendours of Northern India

Mughal Monuments and Majesty

Based from some of the world’s most expertly luxurious and serene hotels, this brilliantly choreographed journey brings us into intimate contact with many of India’s most compelling splendours in a little less than two weeks.

13 days from $18,650 per person
Xanandu Lodge View

Custom Journeys

One-of-a-Kind Adventures

Hand-crafting Custom Journeys is something we do as well as—no, better than anyone in the world.

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