Micato’s Skeleton Coast Safari

No place on the planet—we’re going out on a very sturdy limb—displays such a beautifully, bracingly dramatic meeting of sea and land as Namibia’s fabled Skeleton Coast. The Atlantic is in full-bore majesty here, tirelessly crashing on the undulating sands of the Namib Desert. “The beauty is unrelenting, and almost too much; you experience a kind of aesthetic overload,” Clive Crook recently wrote in The Atlantic.

This short jaunt is easily arranged as an extension for any of our Southern African Safaris, or, for that matter, any of our African journeys.


DAY 1 Arrive Windhoek

We’ll be met and accompanied to the Olive Exclusive, a delightful boutique hotel that pays homage to Namibia’s regions in each of its uniquely designed suites. If time permits, we may take a tour of surprisingly charming, mile-high Windhoek.

DAY 2 & 3 The Skeleton Coast

A morning flight takes us northwest, from Namibia’s capital to the untempered Atlantic and vast natural theater of the Skeleton Coast. Carefully avoiding aesthetic overload, we’ll drive to the spectacular Shipwreck Lodge, a brand-new bit of architectural bravura: each of the Lodge’s 10 units are designed to resemble one of the shipwrecks strewn on the Coast’s sands. We’ll take an afternoon drive in this immense, lonely wilderness, to the roaring dunes—so called for their unusual sound effects—for a sandy scramble and sundowners.

The following day we’ll venture over to the lively Mowe Bay seal colony, visiting the Suiderkus and Karimona shipwrecks en route, all the while entranced by a stark terrestrial masterpiece, on the lookout, one visitor reminds us, “for tok-tokkie beetles, and the oldest and strangest oddest desert plant in the world, the living fossil Welwitschia, and maybe even a regal desert elephant enjoying a little slip and slide on the dunes. “


Fly to Windhoek for outbound flights.


Land arrangements, per person (2019)

Double Occupancy from $4,950
Single Supplement $450
Round trip charter flights Windhoek/ Mowe Bay / Windhoek $3,700