Hot Air Balloon Safaris Over Africa

Soaring over Africa’s great gamelands

If you’ve ever taken a ride in a hot-air balloon, you know.  And if you haven’t, you are in for an indelibly jolly experience.

Wafting over the Maasai Mara-Serengeti in the piercingly fresh and golden morning, a hot-air balloon safari will have you floating over elephants and hippos, feeling a mild and worthy intoxication-by-grandeur. This is one of those things that, having done, we wonder how on earth we ever contemplated not doing.

And then there is a bubbly post-flight breakfast in the bush, a cheery way to softly come back to earth, cradled in luxury with Micato.


Land Arrangements, Per Person (2024)

Maasai Mara from $490
Serengeti from $520
Okavango Delta from $520