Photo Contest

Whether your safari or India journey was last year or ten years ago, submit your favourite photos to the Micato Photo Contest.

Your most cherished photo from your Micato adventure could win you travel gear… and even help pay your way back to Micato’s Africa or India!

Travellers can submit photos in four separate categories:


Couple taking selfie near waterfall


Safari selfies, intriguing India shopkeepers, and, especially, shots of your family or friends that leave absolutely no doubt about where in the world you are!

Victoria falls bridge


The African bush, the shadow of the Taj Mahal, the lush mountains of Rwanda. As with our People category, a photo that could not have been taken anywhere but Africa or India increases your chances!

Giraffe roaming around during sunset


You know what to do here. Of your hundreds of snaps of big cats, great herds or wee birds, which photo do you know in your heart is your best?

Sabora tent

“Only Micato” Moments

A new category as of 2017, an “Only Micato” Moment is just that, a photograph of something so uniquely Micato — you and your Micato Safari Director or India Tour Guide impishly smiling, your epic sundowner cocktail spread in the Maasai Mara, a landscape shot snapped at dawn or dusk that takes the breath away… you’ll know this one when you see it!

What You Can Win

Every month one winning photograph will be selected from all submissions and awarded a $250 credit for use in the online Micato Safari Shop.

At the end of the year, a Grand Prize Winner will be selected and will receive a $3,000 credit for either a future safari or India journey with Micato or to spend in the Micato Safari Shop. Second and third prizes will be $1000 and $500 credits, respectively, to the Micato Safari Shop.


Submit as many photos as you’d like each month. Judging will be conducted by a panel of qualified photographers, travel professionals and expert safari hands.