Planning Your Luxury African Safari

Your First Trip to Africa

There is nothing like planning your first safari -there are so many opportunities for exploration and relaxation, so many ideas to consider. With a map of Africa laid out before you, the possibilities play like a movie in your mind: Rolling along a golden landscape, your eyes plying the plains for a spectacular sight.

What’s Included

It’s different in Micato’s Africa. Hospitality is a way of life here: travellers are welcomed like old friends by Micato founders Felix and Jane Pinto.

The Flights

Every Micato programme offers more segments by air and safari trips through Africa than you might imagine possible. We include three to six time-saving flights on every safari, eliminating up to twenty hours of driving, while at the same time providing thrilling aerial views of the panoramic terrain.

Great Books to Read

From field guides to fictional masterpieces, there are a slew of reading options to help crystallize your vision of Africa safaris and tours: the sights, the sounds, the unbridled adventure. Quite simply, a great book can make an African journey immensely more enjoyable.

What to Wear on Safari

Safari clothing should be comfortable and casual—suffice it to say, any fine jewellery should be left at home.

Common Questions

This is an exciting time and we know you have many questions. Here are some common ones we’ve heard throughout the years. And our safari experts are always available for details.

Useful Resources

We’ve also curated some great resources for you including people that can assist with passports and travel visas.