Travelling to Africa

Every Micato programme offers more segments by air and game viewing through Africa through Africa than you might imagine possible. We include three to six time-saving flights on every safari, eliminating up to twenty hours of driving, while at the same time providing thrilling aerial views of the panoramic terrain below. And imagine all those extra hours gained to relax and exult in the splendour of the bush!

Moreover, flying across the African landscape is a singular pleasure. Flying with our Micato Safari Director’s sharp-eyed commentary on the lands, fauna, and flora we’re flying over adds an extra layer of excitement to these flights. When one imagines taking to the sky over the savannahs, romantic images of old Africa come to mind-dashing pilots soaring above mountains, rivers and valleys, the big herds below and a wide expanse of brilliant sky above.

It’s a breathtaking image and an accurate depiction of the experience even today. Particularly since Micato arranges for all flights to take off and land at excellent bush airstrips close to our lodges, eliminating the tedium of big airport check-ins and arrivals, luggage transfers and delays. Instead, we simply drive to the steps of our awaiting aircraft and amble aboard while our luggage is being loaded.

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