10 Reasons Micato Is the Travel+Leisure 10-Time #1 Winner

By Micato Staff January 18, 2022

What do we have here?

Print it and it would be a lovely poster. Or attractive bookmark. Or if you’ve got a super long computer monitor that’s, say, 10 times longer than a conventional monitor, this artwork would make a stunning screen saver.

What we have here, also, amid this patchwork of tiles, is a declaration: The readers of Travel+Leisure have named Micato Safaris the #1 World’s Best Safari Outfitter for a record-breaking tenth time in the magazine’s prestigious annual survey… and this handsome artwork sums up (some of) the reasons why we think we keep coming out on top.

Since you’re already here on the Internet, we also welcome you to look at this colourful patchwork in a different way — specifically, on Instagram — where we peppered our 10 reasons with even more, well, reasons.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re humbled by our 10 number one wins. But we’re proud, too. No safari outfitter – no tour company of any kind – has ever come close to landing in the #1 spot 10 times.

What do we have here in this piece of artwork? As with a Micato safari, the possibilities are nearly endless.

So enjoy the artwork — and seriously, click here to print it! Have fun perusing our “finished puzzle” on Instagram… and please follow us if you don’t already!

Then, get in touch with a Micato Safari Specialist and plan your safari together. The moment you call us, the moment you touch down in Micato’s Africa, the moment you meet your Micato Safari Director, the moment you see your first big cat on the vast plains, we’re certain you’ll come up with lots of reasons of your own why we’re tops.

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