A Tribute to Mother Earth

By Micato Staff May 10, 2021

This blog post finds us slightly past Earth Day and Mother’s Day, occasions we invoke as a device so that we may say this: In Micato’s Africa, every day is Earth Day and every day is Mother’s Day.

If you’re wondering how on Mother Earth we have the hubris to claim that, the answer lies in the video below.

On Africa’s ancient plains, the commitment to conservation and preservation is eternal, just as it is for our friends at Great Plains, who made the video. The beauty of the earth speaks for itself, and it will speak to you.

As for every day being Mother’s Day on safari, well, that part of the video really speaks for itself. And if you’d care to read more about how mamas rule Africa’s game lands, you’ll find those musings here.

We look forward to seeing you on safari. Soon, we hope.

For now, enjoy this tribute to Mother Earth.

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