Helicoptering to Humankind’s Birthplace

Soaring Over Kenya’s Northern Frontier

Soaring Over Kenya’s Northern Frontier

Insider’s Take

Vast is an understatement.

But, as we soar and dip in the air above the massive desert of the Northern Frontier, details come into exciting focus.

Spindly Lake Turkana, the Jade Sea, one of the great Rift Lakes that mark the beginnings of a new ocean…termite mounds twenty feet tall…a group of Turkana tribespeople, walking north, as their and our ancestors did a few hundred thousand years ago…giraffes, gazelles, ostriches going about their ancient routines…a horizon that seems to stretch beyond time and space.

An eye-popping geologic, biologic, and scenically stupendous excursion, easily arranged by Micato’s experts.

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