Unexpected, enchanting African wildlife

Meeting Africa’s Penguins

Insider’s Take

Penguins don’t usually land on the list of the charismatic animals we travel to Africa to see. Largely because it’s news to most of us that Africa has penguins.

But sprightly and entertaining Cape Penguins (Spheniscus demersus) live and thrive in two colonies near Cape Town, charming Micato guests as they tour the ultra-scenic Cape Peninsula.

These burgeoning colonies were established by the penguins in the 1980s, and they chose their sites well, living in harmony with endangered white-breasted, black and Cape cormorants, feasting on the rich waters of the southern Atlantic.

We see them from well-built wooden walkways at Stony Point, and at their less-visited home at Boulders Beach we can swim in close proximity to the flightless but bustling avians.

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