Skysailing above the Queen City

Helicoptering over Cape Town

A helicopter over the ocean by Cape town

Insider’s Take

Whooshing over Cape Town in a helicopter is one of the best ways to appreciate its fabulous setting, a dramatic meeting of sea and land, dominated by ultra-stately Table Mountain. This is unquestionably one of the greatest helicopter tours on the planet and a wonderful excursion on a pre or post safari stop in Cape Town.

And the city itself is only the centerpiece of a region blessed with scenic wonders, from the long and mountainous Cape Peninsula, down to the fabled Cape of Good Hope to the lushly gorgeous Cape Winelands.

We’ve been flying with Micato guests over Cape Province for many years, and we’re ready to arrange short, long, and always thrilling flights in the finest helicopters.

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A pool overlooking the jungle

Jewels of Southern Africa

A Trove of Gleaming Gems

The natural and human splendours of Cape Town, followed by luxurious game viewing in Phinda Private Game Reserve and Sabi Sand Game Reserve, ending with a watery bang at world-wondrous Victoria Falls.

13 Days from $31,300 per person Explore Southern Africa: South Africa and Zambia

The Great Namibia and South Africa Adventure

Brilliantly Choreographed Contrasts

Beginning with Namibia’s vast and gorgeous wilderness, then to the urban delights of Cape Town and its salubrious Winelands, ending with superb game viewing in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

15 Days from $26,900 per person Explore Southern Africa: Namibia and South Africa

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