​Glorious scenery, great wines, excellent exercise

Biking in the Cape Winelands

Wine tasting experience

Insider’s Take

Cyclists know that motoring through beautiful landscapes is one thing, but bicycling through them is quite another, more intimate, more soul-enriching thing.

And few landscapes are more beautiful than South Africa’s Cape Winelands (as we say in the Micato brochure, the Winelands are “South Africa’s scenic treasure, graced with bang-up views that—with all due respect—out-drama Napa and Sonoma.”)

Wending along country roads, stopping for a taste at a local winery, having a festive lunch on the verandah looking out at the big mountains that preside over the Winelands is something we and our Micato guests have been enjoying for many decades.

Our cycling tours, led by expert enthusiasts, backed up with support vehicles, are almost infinitely varietal; we’re eager to find the right mix of length and activity level for you.

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Available on Custom Safaris

Hand-crafting one-of-a-kind private safaris is something we do as well as—no, better than anyone in the world. (We’re eager to back up that claim; don’t hesitate to give us a good grilling.)

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