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​Cape Town

Fairest Cape in the circumference of the World

Graced with a theatrical setting in a natural amphitheater dominated by the monarchical, ever-enchanting Table Mountain—which may be, as David Livingstone saw it in 1841, draped “with its beautiful table cloth of fleecy clouds”—Cape Town has proudly vaulted to the top tier of the world’s favorite cities. In 2014 it was ranked the world’s number one Place to Go in the New York Times’ annual list.

Cape Town is a place dear to the Micato heart. We love its iconic and lesser-known sights, we’re enthusiasts of its inventive restaurant and jazzy cultural scenes and its cosmopolitan shopping, and—in short—we’re proud to showcase a city and region that, as the Times says, “takes your breath away.”

Cape Town, one of the planet’s most comely cities, is gorgeously situated on what Sir Francis Drake called “the most stately thing and the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.”

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