East Africa, Tanzania



The island of Zanzibar’s Indian Ocean beaches are justly famed and beloved; most beach fanciers find them close to ideal: silky, clean sand, a shallow, clear, warm sea giving way further out to coral reefs offering superb snorkeling and diving. Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its fabulously colourful marketplace, its wonderfully tangled streets and old, story-telling doors and buildings—a reminder of Zanzibar’s long international importance as an entrepôt for just about every imaginable thing, including, alas, slaves, but most famously for spices—its cinnamon, cardamom, intense Arab coffees, and cloves—the gold of Zanzibar—gave the island its reputation as the Spice Island.

“Out of a sapphire sea rose a coral island of incandescent green studded with groves of coconut and mango and orchards of cloves, the palm forest deck with pink convolvulus, a thin line of surf beating languidly on the milk-white sand.” Thomas PakenhamAuthor of the indispensable The Scramble for Africa

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