Micato Safari Directors: Makers of East African Magic

By Micato Staff July 29, 2020

There’s a special luxury that all Micato safari guests enjoy when they travel through East Africa: The presence of a highly credentialled, locally expert Safari Director. These on-the-ground guides, who accompany you and your party (and a team of Driver Guides) along every step of your itinerary through Kenya, Tanzania, or Rwanda, provide the sort of deep knowledge and personal attention that can elevate a merely wonderful safari experience into the realm of magical.
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Here are just a few of the benefits our Safari Directors offer to Micato travellers.

Deep Local Connection

Every Micato Safari Director is African-born; most have been raised in—and are raising their own families in—the very regions they guide safaris through. As such, they have an intrinsic understanding of local culture, communities, and wildlife (including how to best photograph resident animals), which they are more than happy to share with you. Many Safari Directors have also worked for Micato for years, and have developed longstanding relationships with staff at our partner lodges and camps, as well as with the Pinto family and their associates. This means they are part of an established in-country communication and safety network, with round-the-clock information-sharing that helps ensure the best travel experience for you.

Peerless Credentials

Micato Safari Directors aren’t just field-smart; they’re academically accomplished and rigorously trained, too. Every Safari Director in Kenya has earned the prestigious Silver-Level certification awarded by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association; most East African Safari Directors are also graduates of Kenya Utalii College or Tanzania’s College of African Wildlife Management. In addition, all Safari Directors take part in Micato’s own in-house training programs, which keep them up to date on the latest paleoanthropological discoveries, conservation initiatives, and guest-relations practices (including CPR, in which every Micato guide is certified).

Worry-Free Travel

One of the hallmarks of every Micato safari is that it provides a rare luxury: a completely stress-free travel experience. In East Africa, our Safari Directors take pride in making sure your safari itinerary unfolds seamlessly, with all logistical concerns taken care of—flight confirmations, advance hotel check-ins, luggage transport between destinations, and the like—and all special requests accommodated. If you prefer your sleeping quarters close to the main safari lodge, require vegetarian meals, or want to make a special visit to see the craft artisans working in a particular village, your Safari Director is the one who will finesse those details. You, meanwhile, are free to focus on enjoying your safari—the wildlife encounters, the luxurious lodges, the sumptuous meals, and the time with family and friends. Just don’t be surprised if you end up counting your Safari Director among your closest buddies by the end of your trip; as well as being consummate planners and authoritative guides, they’re also known for their wonderful companionship (and fabulous stories).

To learn more about how one of our Safari Directors can enhance your trip to East Africa, talk with one of one of our safari experts today.

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