Top four luxury travel trends for 2023 – and why you’ll want to be a part of them

By Leslie Woit March 24, 2022

Can you feel it? Exciting beginnings are afoot for 2023. The past two years have given us time to reflect and reposition – this year is already seeing changes to the ways we think, plan and – yes! – travel with confidence. To whet our whistles, here are just four of the tempting trends and intelligently indulgent luxury travel concepts that are taking off now.

We’re celebrating life’s monumental moments again with travel

Big birthday bashes, off-to-college wingdings, honeymoon whoopee… In recent years, we’ve all missed too many of those way-markers that bring us together and give us joy. We’re now seeing a steady rise in bucket-list destination trips to honour postponed celebrations. Whether a multi-generation safari adventure, magnificent wedding parties at a stunning lodge, or a romantic Big-Five-festooned retreat, a luxury safari’s emotional return on investment is crystal clear.

We’re craving a reconnect with nature

It’s as dependable as the rising Serengeti sun – nothing connects us with nature, new cultures, and a timeless part of ourselves like safari. Whether your version of nature and the outdoors incorporates hot-oil massages and yoga on a terrace overlooking a herd of grazing elephants, tracking animals on foot with the Masai before G+Ts by a crackling boma bonfire, or sharing the serenity of the endless savannah with a resident lion pride, nothing beats safari to rejuvenate, de-stress, and foster a direct and visceral connection with nature in its grandest glory.

three lions maasai mara
Lions taking in the landscape of the Maasai Mara. Photo by Micato Safari Director, Peter Githaka

We’re valuing our privacy more than ever

One-of-a-kind, intelligently indulgent private safaris – more travellers than ever are plumping for precisely that. Hand-crafted custom itineraries with all the bells and whistles are on the rise – typically complemented by exclusive-use villas and whole camps, providing total solitude and independence from the moment of arrival on the private airstrip to final game-drive within hundreds of acres of wildlife-rich parklands. Private, private, private: including, naturally, travel by private jet that ensures gamboling from one thoughtfully luxurious camp to the next is an integral part of the pleasure.

We’re making each trip meaningful

More self-improvement. More meaning. More making a difference with travel. Today, one journey is not necessarily like any other – and people are increasingly keen on signing up for the ones that have consequences. (Not to worry, having a jolly good time is also part and parcel of the trend.) Consider the mutual benefits of an afternoon amongst rescued baby ellies (especially during bottle feeding and the spirited soccer games that follow). Learn how rhino conservation is making a difference (then spend time with the committed folks who stand guard against poachers on the endangereds’ behalf). Just as we raise our expectation for ourselves, we are mindful of the well-being of those we meet. By going on safari with Micato you help send a child to school, straight through their high school years. That’s the Micato One for One Commitment. They also have a School Scholarship Programme, through which guests sponsor children for boarding school. And those Micato-AmericaShare educations are continuing today, pandemic or no pandemic.

If you’re ready to jump on any of these trends, order the Micato Safaris brochure or give a Micato Safari Specialist a call at 1-800-642-2861.


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