Safari Lions in Action (Video)

By Paul Eisenberg July 31, 2020

Julie Andrews has been telling us since 1959 that whiskers on kittens are among her favourite things in the world.

The world aside, whiskers are just one of our favourite things about lions.

Another is speed. Did you know a lion can run up to 50 mph? Impressive, right? Especially when you consider that’s not far behind his cousin with the faster reputation, cheetah, who clocks up to 58 mph.

We’re also intrigued by how lions divide the labour. A female lion does her lion’s share of the hunting while hubby stays home to protect the family. That’s all well and good we suppose, but if we sound a bit well-haven’t-we-heard-this-before weary it’s because the women creatures of safari, especially the mamas, end up working appreciably harder than the men. But we digress.

We’d love for you to see the lions face to face. Perhaps on a Micato Custom Safari or Private Classic Safari, on which you’ll relish game drives in a private vehicle so you can spend as much time with the lions as you want. And when you’re not on a game drive, we can arrange for you to have a luxury safari camp or villa all to yourself. Does that work?

Contact a Micato Safari Specialist today to find out how to spend time with the lions and we’ll get you to Micato’s Africa as soon as possible.

Until then, enjoy these safari lions in action.

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