Helicopter Safaris with Micato

By Micato Staff March 4, 2021

You may think the thrill of safari only exists on the ground when you’re up close and personal with the creatures of the African bush. However, much excitement can be had by air as well. Soaring over magnificent landscapes and drinking in views you could only dream of capturing on the ground is incredible, and is an activity that has to be experienced to truly appreciate. Fortunately, you can take to the skies with Micato. Let’s take a peek at a few of our helicopter safaris to whet your appetite. Don’t forget that you can go more the more traditional route with a hot air balloon safari if you prefer. Helicopter safaris are just another fantastic, higher-octane way to experience Africa. Let’s take a look… 

Exploring Kenya’s Northern Frontier

For those interested in safariing in East Africa, consider hopping in a helicopter and getting a birds-eye view of Kenya’s Northern Frontier. As your helicopter smoothly slices through the air you’ll be able to look upon a vast expanse of varying landscapes. The entirety of Lake Turkana, or the Jade Sea as it’s famously called, will be yours to observe along. 

Kenya’s Northern Frontier is also home to twenty-foot tall termite mounds where cheetah often perch to get a better view of their prey, African safari animal staples like giraffes and gazelle, and Turkana tribespeople you’ll be able to spot walking the land. It’s a phenomenal way to acquaint yourself with Kenya and certainly different than what you would experience on the ground. 

Comfort in the Skies Above the Laikipia Plateau 

Another helicopter safari option in East Africa is in the Laikipia Plateau. In traditional African style, the landscapes you’ll view from above are varied and dramatic. The plateau is home to a number of endangered but well-protected species like black rhinos, Grevy’s zebra, and an extremely rare population of wild dogs. In addition to these endangered species, you’ll find the Big Five as well. The Laikipia Plateau serves as a grand reminder of the sheer richness of East Africa’s game lands.

Our helicopter safaris aren’t just quick rides either. You can expect the utmost luxury along the way. For example, while flying over the Laikipia Plateau, you may touch down at Mount Lolgurugi for a delicious picnic breakfast. The helicopters you’ll be traveling in are luxury, executive helicopters, too. All we ask of you is that you sit back, relax, and know you’re in safe hands in the skies above East Africa. 

Whooshing Over Cape Town

Let’s get a bit more cosmopolitan. Cape Town is an African treasure and is a place that mixes both natural and man-made pleasures. It can be a great place to go pre-or post-safari so you can enjoy the juxtaposition of African wildlands and sleek city life. Cape Town is for those looking for iconic city sights, spectacular dining, and maybe even a visit to the Cape Winelands

However, even if those are the things drawing you to Cape Town, just know the city takes on new majesty once you’re in the sky. In fact, we’d say it’s the best way to experience Cape Town. Not only do you get to take in the enormity of Table Mountain, but you can fully admire the remarkable meeting of land and sea too. Other marvels such as the mountainous Cape Peninsula and the famed Cape of Good Hope can be observed as well. Here at Micato, we’ve been flying guests over Cape Town for years and we’re always ready to plan thrilling long and short flights in only the finest helicopters. Don’t forget to snap a picture, or several, to commemorate your time in the sky above Cape Town! 

Another popular option from Cape Town is a helicopter safari over Blyde River Canyon. You’ll be treated to pilot commentary throughout your flight so you know exactly what you’re looking at. As you fly over this densely forested canyon, you’ll spot forest waterfalls like Mac-Mac Falls, Lisbon Falls, and Berlin Falls. Furthermore, you’ll get to observe gorgeous mountains and rolling plains in Blyde River Canyon as well. A few minutes in the air will allow you to fully appreciate why this is such a favoured Cape Town excursion. 

The Flight of Angels

Trying to imagine the world’s largest waterfall doesn’t exactly do it justice. Much like the Grand Canyon, it’s simply something you must see to believe that such an enormous natural wonder could exist. Measuring in at a stately 5,604 feet, Victoria Falls can be difficult to fully appreciate when staring at it head-on or from the ground. So, we like to take flight to allow our guests to fully appreciate the full grandeur of the Falls. 

Once you’re in the sky, you’ll be able to witness a lake’s worth of water falling 360 feet down the Falls every minute. That and you’ll be able to watch as 1,000 feet of mist rises above the watery cauldron. Our brief description here in no way can capture the magic of Victoria Falls, it’s simply something you have to experience for yourself.  

Take to the Skies with Micato

Get yourself off the ground in Africa and into the skies. Helicopter safaris are such an exciting, unique way to experience an African pastime. Talk to one of our Safari Specialists to nail down all the important details and get your helicopter safaris in the books. We can’t wait to show you around.

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