Harambee Centre Library

The beautiful Harambee Centre Library–made possible by the generosity of Suzie and Bruce Kovner – opened on June 26, 2013, a joyous occasion for the people of Mukuru, representing momentous progress for the community.

This dynamic, 25,000-volume library–Mukuru’s first lending library–is enthusiastically visited by thousands of children and adults every month, and is constantly updated to match the Kenya school system’s newest cirriculum. It offers a full and rich spectrum from picture books to college textbooks, and a vibrant art corner, where younger children create arts and crafts, which are joyously displayed.

The Library uses the Mandarin library cataloguing system, including barcoding software, as well as security systems providing video surveillance and entry/exit magnetic book detection. The library is outfitted with new shelving, library tables, a check-out desk, window grills, and greatly improved light fixtures, giving it a progressive, cheery, and welcoming appeal.

Of course a friendly library is of special significance for young people, and it’s a matter of potential life-change for Mukuru’s children that for the first time ever, they can proudly present a library card, check out a book, and carry it home to read. The trust that goes along with this privilege gives the children a tremendous sense of dignity, and they are remarkably respectful of these treasured books.

Harambee Library Learning and Resource Center
Harambee Library Learning and Resource Center

Harambee Centre Computer Lab

Harambee Centre’s Computer Lab, a beehive-busy 60-computer-equipped-annex to the Centre’s library, provides AmericaShare Scholarship Programme students, as well as the thousands of students enrolled in nearby government schools through Micato’s One for One Programme, with digital learning resources and internet connections for job search and on-line study.

During a 12-week training programme, 120 students undergo a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance their computer skills and proficiency in various Microsoft applications. More than 300 students are on our waiting list for future classes, and we hope to increase the number of programmes we offer, as the need and demand is great.

The initial two weeks of the training programme are dedicated to covering the fundamentals of computer usage, Computer 101. Following the completion of the Computer 101 module, the subsequent 10 weeks are primarily focused on Microsoft Suite, specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Throughout the training, the students are actively engaged in hands-on learning through assignments and exams. These assessments provide opportunities for the students to apply their knowledge and skills in practical scenarios, reinforcing their understanding of Microsoft Suite. By completing assignments and exams, the students can demonstrate their proficiency and track their progress throughout the programme.

In addition to computer skills and Microsoft Suite training, the programme also includes a module on CV (curriculum vitae) writing. Recognizing the importance of creating professional resumes, the students are guided on how to develop simple yet impactful CVs. This training aims to empower them with the necessary tools to effectively present their qualifications and experiences, even as they are just starting their professional journeys.