Harambee Community Centre

A Library, Computers, and Much More

The Micato-AmericaShare Harambee Community Centre, a multi-purpose facility built through the generosity of past travellers Bernard Wharton and Jennifer Walsh, is a bright and beautiful oasis of hope in the middle of the Mukuru shantytown.

Harambee is a vital community centre, allowing residents to gather for lectures, educational sessions, and meetings. The robust resources and initiatives available in and around the Harambee Centre include:

And there is much else.

A Clean, Quiet, Wide-Open Space

Mukuru is a loud, muddy, incredibly cramped, constantly challenging place, a place where serenity is rare. Harambee Centre provides the people of Mukuru with green lawns and well-kept, neatly painted buildings, with quiet and calm, with room for the heart to open, the mind to roam, and the spirit to grow. This is a subtle thing, but it’s not a small one.

Fresh Water

Sorely needed, if not terribly glamorous, a borehole next to Harambee Centre was dug, giving Mukuru one of its few sources of fresh water.