AmericaShare Scholarship Programme

Educate a child, change a life

Through its School Scholarship Programme, Micato-AmericaShare helps children who might not otherwise be able to afford a quality education, placing these vulnerable children in carefully vetted boarding schools where our social workers mentor and guide them and closely track their progress. All of this with the help of generous Micato travellers, who are kept in touch with their sponsored students through AmericaShare updates and letters from their sponsored scholars. The children are so encouraged, knowing that someone cares about them, and it provides them with a sense of hope and inspiration that many have never had before.

And it works both ways. Our sponsors have long reported that once they get to know their sponsored children, the emotional boost for them is powerful and wonderfully meaningful.

Watch the inspiring video at the top of this page, then click here to learn more about how easy and joyful it is to sponsor a child.