Micato Safaris in India

Experience India With Micato Safaris...

... from opulent golden palaces and turbaned, polo-playing maharajahs to the sight of tussling tigers in teak jungles, Micato’s India is a magical land.

Breathtaking views of the Himalayas and other brilliant landscapes mesmerize, but the experience is made complete by the companionship of your local Micato guide. Imagine visiting India with an old family friend who knows all the best places and introduces you to the locals— including some Indian royalty!—and you get the idea.

Care to dine in private palaces with celebrated Indian Maharanis? Play a round of golf at the prestigious (and very private) Delhi Golf Club, heli-ski in the Himalayas or attend a Bollywood movie shoot with a renowned  film director? Then you've come to India with the right people.

And this is only a taste of the adventures in store…


Only With Micato

Allow us to raise the velvet rope and usher you into the magical world of Micato’s India

India Art

A Storied Company

Inspired by our guests, we founded a bespoke operation in India. Twenty years later…

Man creating art with Taj Majal in the background

Incomparable Vistas

Have a peek through the keyhole of ordinary life into the lush world of Micato’s India.

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