Micato Safaris Photo Contest Winners, Spring 2016

By Micato Staff July 28, 2016

From grooming baboons to technology and tribes, our Photo Contest winners capture some wonderful African moments. We’re always eager to expand our photo contest and make it more of a richly interactive part of our blog and website.  So please send us your best picks from your safari or your journey to India with Micato and share with us the stories behind them.

Each of the monthly winners will receive a credit worth $250 from Micato’s Safari Shop.

elephant family in Kenya JUNE 2016 WINNER
Lawrence Grunewald, Serengeti National Park

While in the Serengeti, Lawrence and his group spotted several elephants, recalling that “at one point we were close to a small herd when a family gathered together next to our vehicle and organized as if posing for a family portrait. I took some quick shots knowing it would not last long, and sure enough, a second after my shutter clicked, the baby bolted from the group.”

tire tracks in tall grasses, Maasai MaraJUNE 2016 HONOURABLE MENTION
Paul Bruce, Maasai Mara

While in the Maasai Mara, Paul recalls that “we were heading back to Little Governor’s Camp near the end of the afternoon game drive.  The scenery is so beautiful and peaceful there. I wanted to capture it so we could remember it forever. I turned around in the vehicle and saw the tracks we had followed. I took this photograph hoping to spark the imagination of the viewer, making them curious of what is up ahead. I hope it also depicts the serene beauty that is Kenya.”

Samburu people look at a photo on a phoneMAY 2016 WINNER
Paul Bruce, Samburu National Park

“A group of Samburu men and women had just given us a wonderful presentation of their traditional dances,” Paul reports. “After the presentation, we were able to photograph them. They loved to see themselves on the cameras or phones that we were using. This photo shows Rikki Swenson, our tour organizer, as she was showing the young men the photos she had taken of them. Even without speaking the same language, we knew they were having fun and liked the photos.”

Two baboons sit on a wall MAY 2016 HONOURABLE MENTION
Kevin & Carol Eagle, Amboseli National Park

En route to Tortilis Camp in Amboseli, the Eagles report that “along the way there was an abandoned tourist camp that had been completely overrun by baboons. They all seemed to be quite at home in their new residence [and] our tour guide George quipped that he expected them to reopen for business and their website would be launched any day now!”

Two zebras drinking water APRIL 2016 WINNER
Bob Bunda, East Africa

Our favourite kind of mirror image!

a leopard sits on a tree branchAPRIL 2016 HONOURABLE MENTION
Bob Bunda, East Africa

A rare face-to-face with our elusive leopard friend.

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