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Western Cape

We know that Cape Town, Western Cape Province’s capital and cynosure (more than two thirds of the province’s citizens reside in the Mother City) is one of the world’s most gorgeously situated cities (and this website is full of well-deserved praise and shiny pictures that make that point). But it’s something of a surprise for many Micato visitors that that gorgeousness is but a particularly pretty bit of the Western Cape’s natural and human allure.

We take the Aerial Tramway right from the city, up to biologically and geologically unique Table Mountain (it’s home to more plant species than the entire United Kingdom), looking straight down at the sparkling city, but that’s just the beginning. Within easy and leisurely driving distance from Cape Town are the ultra-lovely Cape Winelands, and, to the south, many small, seaside towns—“like a collection of Sausalitos, but with better restaurants,” says one Micato guest—on the spindly, mountainous Cape Peninsula, which ends at the historic and scenically stunning Cape of Good Hope.

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