3 Things Your Family Will Experience on Safari Beyond Animals

By Micato Staff June 3, 2020

When you’re a kid, animated classics like The Lion King, Tarzan, and The Jungle Book give you a glimpse into an exotic world teeming with animals you’ve never laid eyes on before. When you imagine going on an African safari with your family, you imagine it only being about meeting lions, gorillas, and elephants, while getting the chance to explore new landscapes too. As you get older and it’s time to celebrate a milestone or send your child off to college, though, you realize that venturing out with your family on safari is so much more than spotting animals in the bush. It’s time spent together in a new world, one filled with first time experiences, moments of sheer wonder, and quiet interludes that sometimes serve as the greatest memories. Let’s take a look at three things your family will experience on safari beyond animals: 

Pure Awe

Once you’re out in the bush, the world opens up. Opportunities for exploration are ripe and our Safari Directors are fueled by family wonder. They’ll have your minds buzzing with intriguing facts about local flora and fauna, African history and politics, and tribal folklore in addition to the habits of wildlife in the surrounding area. Our Micato Safari Directors make an utterly wild landscape feel like a private escape for the entire family. 

Tourists and guides making a toast

Awe also presents itself in the form of familial connections and strengthened bonds you’ll forge with your children while out on game drives. After all, chances to reconnect are abundant in Africa. Instances such as seeing your first lion together, laughing at a joke your Safari Director told, or enjoying the view with one another is therapy in itself. Simply spend your trip basking in the moments spent with the young adults you’ve raised.  

Exposure to New Cultures

Safariing with Micato in Africa immerses you in a world brimming with culture. With our deep roots in East Africa, we have developed a tremendous relationship with some of the Maasai tribespeople, whose ancestral territory ranges across northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. When travelling with us in East Africa, your family safari will have you visiting their villages, meeting and interacting with the people, and both observing and partaking in some of their traditions and customs. 

It’s a rare opportunity to mingle with the Maasai people and it’s one that perfectly demonstrates to families just how different life can be for many groups of people across the globe. Regardless of whether your child is 17 or 26, interactions such as these makes them mindful, curious, and respectful of other cultures and ways of life. It’s an incredibly important life lesson not often taught quite like this.

native women in dresses

Quality Family Time

Yes, you go on a family safari for the escapades and spectacle, but you also go on a family safari to spend quality time with one another! When you reminisce about the vacations your parents took you on, you come to realize those are some pretty special, integral memories. A family safari is those memories with the volume cranked to 10, simply due to the sheer number of experiences packed into one adventure. However, while you will be busy exploring Africa for a majority of your stay, mid-afternoon downtime with your family provides the perfect opportunity to gather by the pool, relax, and re-connect. Selecting the best lodges and camps to serve as your home away from home is an area where Micato excels. 

For example, when staying at the Ulusaba Cliff Lodge or Cheetah Plains, you’ll have the option of buying it out for your family so you can ensure you have the lodge entirely to yourselves. In addition to fabulous game drives, we’ve found that providing families with the option of more privacy at the end of the day enhances their overall trip and allows them to come together as a unit each and every night of their vacation.

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At your lodge, there will be staff on hand to cater to your family’s every need and meals will be prepared specifically to your tastes. The places you’ll stay run on your clock, not the other way around, so whatever schedule suits your family best is how your days will be organized. It’s your own private oasis, and all your family has to do is sit back and enjoy themselves.  

Book a Family Safari with Micato

Venturing out on a safari with your family is more than just a fun vacation. It’s an all-encompassing experience that breathes new life into each and every member of your clan. For most, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that’s perfect for marking significant family milestones like an important birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation. If you’re ready for your family’s next journey, consider contacting one of our Safari Specialists to turn your African desires into an exquisite family getaway. 

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