What to Eat on Safari

By Micato Staff July 10, 2018

All your meals? Covered! Restaurant checks on custom safaris? Paid! Regional wine, beer, and bottled water tabs during mealtimes? Picked up! And spirits in Southern Africa? Often included, too!

If we sound super excited about all the food and beverages included with a Micato safari, we are. And our guests are happy about it, too.

But it recently dawned to us… we reassure our guests they won’t want for food, but do we tell them enough about the food they ought to want?

Perhaps not. Until now.

So we started at the top, asking Micato Africa founders Felix and Jane Pinto about their favourites, surveyed our Micato Safari Directors and the rest of the foodies on our Africa team, and came up with this selection of sumptuous treats you ought to try while visiting Micato’s Africa.

Nyama Choma, the term for well marinated, succulent roasted meat, is the staple of the African diet and a favourite of our Micato Safari Directors. Restaurants serving this delicacy are everywhere in Africa and we’re happy to recommend the best ones.

Sukuma Wiki. Made from simmered kale, tomatoes, onions and organic vegetables in season. This beloved dish may also include whatever ingredients remain in the pantry be week’s end, hence this dish’s literal meaning, “end of the week.”

Ugali. A popular, some might say essential side dish is a helping of this corn porridge that holds its shape and is thus often a finger food. Bland to some, but for East Africans this maize is amazing.

Mukimo. Even if soft foods aren’t your thing, you may just take a shine to this thing, mashed potatoes and vegetables that Kenyans would rather not do without in their diet.

Samosas. Most of us know samosas, of course, in Africa an extremely popular street food, restaurant item and home-cooked snack. Meat and vegetarian versions of these can be easily found with a variety of fillings. For something completely and wonderfully different, Nairobi’s Talisman restaurant serves an amazing feta and coriander samosa.

Mogo Crisps. A classic snack you’re bound to find at street stalls throughout Kenya, these fried slices of cassava are finished with a sprinkling of chili pepper. If you’re avoiding the fryer, it’s also worth trying fresh green or ripe mango dusted with hot chili.

Mandazi. Another popular street food that you can sample on the fly, a mandazi is basically an African donut that’s something of a requirement with morning coffee and tea, particularly during Micato Africa morning staff meetings!

 Madafu. Quite simply, coconut milk right out of the coconut. Another staple you can find everywhere in Kenya.

Recipe vault unlocked

Alas, we couldn’t get Mrs. Pinto to part with her Goan cocunut curry recipe…

… but we did persuade her to share her favourite preparations of potato bhajias and fried bananas. And, as a bonus, directions for how to properly mix a Pimm’s Cup.


Image credits: Top: Nyama Choma and Sukuma Wiki by Xiaojun Deng/flickr; Middle: Samosas by Talisman Restaurant/flickr; Second from bottom: Madafu by Kungu Irungu/Wikimedia Commons; Bottom: Goan coconut curry/Shutterstock.


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