Vehicles & Transportation


Safari Vehicles

A luxury safari involves exhilarating and pleasurable days on the trail of wildlife, as well as the occasional long day driving between locations. In East Africa, each comfortable nine-passenger Micato vehicle is limited to six guests, affording all travellers a window seat and access to an overhead roof hatch. Moreover, each vehicle carries a pair of Nikon binoculars for every traveller, a cooler of mineral water and soft drinks, chips and other munchies, beanbags to stabilise long camera lenses, plus a set of field reference books on birds, animals and flora. Vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi for guest use, long-range VHF radios for communication between other Micato vehicles and our head office, and our Driver Guides and Safari Directors also carry cell phones.

There are three rows of seats within our safari vehicles in East Africa, and we ask that travellers make a point of rotating rows with each game drive and park transfer. While the view is exactly the same from every seat, it’s nice for everyone to have a chance to be seated near the Driver Guide in the front.

In Southern Africa, the vehicle will be chosen based on group size and the areas visited, and all are luxurious, modern and stocked with the same amenities you’d find in East Africa. In cities and less remote areas, your vehicles will be perfectly suited to leisurely cruising along more mild terrain. Steps are taken to make sure there is plenty of room for each passenger – as always with Micato, your comfort is of the utmost importance.

Driving on Safari

The drives between camps and airstrips provide a wonderful opportunity to encounter local village life and beautiful landscapes, and often serve as game drives. Please be aware that drives in some destinations can be quite long, and roads may be bumpy and dusty.

Bush Flights

Your Micato safari offers you the luxury, comfort and convenience of internal flights between certain game parks. In addition to saving many hours of travel time, these flights allow you to experience the singular pleasure of seeing the wondrous African landscape from the sky. Like the bush pilots of yore, you will soar above the mountains, rivers and valleys, taking in the thrilling views of the terrain below. Depending on when and where you are flying, there may be connections through other airstrips. Most bush flight routes are served by single- or double-engine turboprop aircraft, as jets are unable to land on the small airstrips.