The Fantastic Painted Dog (VIDEO)

By Micato Staff July 24, 2022


Puppies in the wild! This video has them. And if you haven’t already left yet to click the video, know that you’re going to be amazed by these painted puppies, which grow up to be painted dogs. As our colleague Sarah Gold says in her article about them:

As remarkable as they look—with their mottled, patterned coats that are as individual as fingerprints, and large batlike ears that help them both hear distant prey and regulate their body temperature—what’s even more extraordinary is the way painted dogs sound.

So unique is the sound of the painted dog that our friends at Great Plains, who made this video, included some chirpy barking alongside the rousing score that helps move this delightful video along. Please enjoy.

And, of course, if you want to see painted dogs and other amazing safari creatures in real life, get in touch with a friendly Micato Safari Specialist!

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