We’re Feeling Nostalgic for Botswana

By Micato Staff March 29, 2021

Spoiler alert: The last line of the video below reads “No more need for nostalgia, we’re open in Botswana again.”

Honestly, if we thought revealing this line would spoil the ending we’d have kept it to ourselves. The truth is, we’ve been yelling ourselves hoarse from the proverbial rooftops with the news that flights resumed to Africa last summer and Micato resumed safaris soon after. We pulled together some nifty safety protocols that we think sound pretty good on paper and are even better in practice, at least according to our guests.

And our friends at Great Plains, in addition to being exemplary lodging partners, have pulled together this swell video, highlighting the watery wondrousness of beguiling Botswana.

If you’ve ended way too many days lately trying to remember exactly what it was you did with your day, the popular consensus in the Micato offices is that the three minutes of this video are quite memorable.

Enjoy. For more evocative imagery, request our brochure and have a look at it here. And to see more of Botswana in particular, there’s no better place to look than Micato’s Botswana Safaris.


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