Health & Safety

Safety comes first, of course. As Becca Hensley recently wrote in Virtuoso Traveler, “Traveling with Micato in India feels much like being escorted through India by old family friends,” and family takes care of family.

Your Micato Travel Director, who accompanies each and every Indian journey, is on constant call, ready to address problems, major and minor. He’s backed up by our 24-hour Concierge Service, which is buttressed in turn by one of the world’s leading security firms. Overarching those levels of protection are the sturdy, inclusive insurance policies we recommend, and the Pinto family’s unhesitating commitment to the well-being of our guests.

Gone are the days when travellers to India more or less expected to come down with a case of Delhi Belly. Our luxury hotels and carefully chosen restaurants meet and exceed the highest levels of hygiene, bottled water is to be found everywhere (including, of course, in our Micato vehicles), Indian hospitals and clinics are top-notch, and if you take ill, your Travel Director will be ready with support and a plan of action.

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