Indian cuisine is famed for its variety and exuberant tastes, so dining is very much part of the Indian adventure (and, for the less, or only occasionally adventurous, continental and traditional English cuisine is always available).

Micato celebrates Indian cooking, and we strive to present it at its best, choosing top-level restaurants throughout every journey. All meals—beginning with breakfast on the first full day of your journey until dinner on the last day—are included, along with bottled water, tea and coffee, regional beers and wine (not long ago, the New York Times praised India’s burgeoning viniculture: “Forget Napa—Meet the Wines of India”).

Every day begins with a hearty breakfast, either from our hotels’ cornucopian buffets, or made to order, including eggs, meats, hot and cold cereals, toasts, and fruits. Lunch is taken at your hotel or at a top-flight restaurant suggested by your Tour Director. In the evening we sit down to luxurious multi-course meals at five-star restaurants. Meals in India are generally ordered off a menu, so you can pick and choose the dishes that tempt you, guided by your Travel Director if you’d like to try a local specialty.

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