Travelling to India

“India,” Mark Twain wrote in the last years of the 19th century, “is the most extraordinary land the sun visits on his round.”

We use that quote often because it’s just as excitingly true today as it was when the bedazzled Twain wrote it. But we know that for many people, India is fascinating, alluring, yet perhaps a bit daunting. It long had the reputation for being entangled with hassles, many of us were put off by its poverty, and its infrastructure—hotels, roads, air travel—weren’t always up to snuff.

Those days are largely gone, and on a luxury Micato Journey to the subcontinent, they’re long gone. India is our ancestral homeland, and we’re intent upon showcasing it in comfortable, hassle-free, bedazzling style. Our First Time to India page will fill you in on that style—which travel writer Becca Hensley summed up in Virtuoso Traveler magazine in another quote we’re proudly fond of: “Traveling with Micato feels much like being escorted through India by old family friends.”