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Visiting a Sikh Temple

Golden Temple

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One of the three core tenants of Sikhism, one of India’s most prominent religions, is Vand Chhako, sharing what one has with others. We’ll have a welcoming experience of that today at the 25 million-member faith’s Gurudwara Bangla Sahib temple in Delhi.

The huge, golden-domed temple, second most revered by Sikhs after Amritsar’s Golden Temple, pulses with activity; pilgrims from all over India come here, and we join them as they roam the temple’s many beautiful halls and art galleries.

Proud, turbaned Sikh gentlemen stride gracefully. Children scamper about, shushed by their smiling mother. A Sikh family from New Jersey beams with pride. In an alcove, a teacher expounds lyrically to his attentive students.

And now our Travel Director takes us to the Gurudwara’s massive kitchen, where cauldrons of dal bubble and rice is boiled and we’re invited to sit with a long line of women making chappatis and naan for the 10,000 or so people—of all castes and sorts and religions—who every day, from early morning to late at night, come to take part in Vand Chhako.

As we sit with the women, learning how to shape the savory flatbreads, answering their questions about our families and our homes, listen to their lilting conversations, we look out the kitchen’s tall windows to the dining hall where a constant stream of happy folk are fed in this joyous exercise in human connection through open-hearted sharing.

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