Forbes Article Brings a Blush to Our Cheeks

By Tom Cole September 19, 2017

Micato safari vehicle and wildebeest herd

Frequent contributor Larry Olmsted, a mainstay at many travel and business publications, including Outside, USA Today, and Investor’s Business Daily, is “very, very familiar with the world of luxury travel.” And so we were gratified to read his recent Forbes article, “The World’s Best Safaris Keep Getting Better: 50 Years Of Excellence” (you can see it here).

He begins at the beginning: “Ten minutes after walking off the plane,” he writes, “I was on my way out of the Nairobi airport, [while] most of my fellow passengers were still back in the airport, waiting in the immigration line.” Our ability to avoid airport lines and hassles is just the first of the many advantages, perks, and pleasures that “would have simply been impossible had I not been traveling with Micato Safaris.”

As he says, “Micato is locally beloved and impossibly well connected,” and that’s why our Africa and India guests “routinely dive deeper than the normal luxury tourism experience and get to meet scientists, rangers and dignitaries.” What’s more, “each year Micato gets better and better, enriching its personal connections while staying on top of the latest and greatest new lodges and hotels, and dropping those with declining standards.”

We’re especially proud of Olmsted’s praise for the “many millions of dollars” we’re brought to local economies, providing “numerous high quality jobs, and run[ning] an impressive non-profit, AmericaShare, that has given free education to thousands of children and sent hundreds more through college.”

And, bringing a bright blush to our collective cheeks, he sums up with a bit of advice to Africa- and India-interested travellers: “If you want the best possible travel experience in Africa or India with expertise you cannot get from any book or website, informed and updated curation of the best hotels, restaurants and game viewing lodges, flawless execution of often convoluted logistics like bush plane flights, gorilla and tiger viewing permits, and most of all, nonstop VIP insider access, just go with Micato…. I would not take the risk of going with any other outfitter.”

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