A Leopard Named Fig

What you’re about to see is a tribute to a leopard named Fig.

In the words of our friend Derek Joubert, head of Great Plains Conservation, “Fig’s hunting and nurturing inspired many of our guests, who spent tens of thousands of hours with her. One of her cubs, Toto, inspired our film, Jade Eyed Leopard.”

Fig spent her days as many leopards do, looking after her cubs. Until one day last March, when a male lion stalked and caught her.

So what you’re about to see is a tribute. But it’s also, quite simply, a joyful look at leopards going about their day.

Enjoy. And if you like what you see, and you’d like to see more in real life, give us a call so that we can craft your luxury safari, on which you’ll see leopards like these and many other beautiful creatures.

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