Elephants You’ll Never Forget (Video)

By Micato Staff August 27, 2019
Two elephants standing close together
Photo: Micato guest Janet Harp

Just one look is all it takes.

The very first time you gaze into gentle elephant eyes with those improbable, impossibly long lashes, this refrain from your childhood will begin to make a lot of sense:

I meant what I said,
and I said what I meant.
An elephant’s faithful,
one hundred percent!

As you encounter elephants on one of Micato’s luxury African safaris — solo pachyderms, pairs, threesomes, nuclear families, larger herds — you’ll understand, as Dr. Seuss suggested, that elephants are not only faithful, but loyal, impish, loving, and remarkably graceful.

Watch this video, which will make your heart swell. And then make plans to join us and our dear elephants at home in Africa. That would be swell, too.


Elephants abound throughout Micato’s Africa and you’re sure to have heart-warming encounters with them on all of our East Africa Safaris and our Southern Africa Safaris. Talk to a Safari Expert today or request a copy of our award-winning brochure to start planning your trip of a lifetime.

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