Celebrating the Holidays with Micato

By 829 Studios Admin December 23, 2019

You know what sounds incredible for the holidays? A luxurious African safari getaway complete with fantastic experiences, memorable sights, and a touch of holiday cheer. Now, you may be curious as to just how festive an East African safari could possibly get and, honestly, you may be surprised. No matter your traditions, there’s something to make all our guests feel special when spending the holidays with Micato. Take a look at some of the things we do to make the holidays really pop. 

Holiday Themed Foods

A big part of what makes the holidays special is the food. Would your plate be complete without your aunt’s amazing macaroni and cheese or your grandmother’s coveted broccoli casserole recipe? We suspect not. While we can’t fly in all your relatives for mealtime, we do go the extra mile in making sure you get a touch of the holidays when it’s time to eat. 

At the Serengeti Migration Camp, for example, you can expect breakfasts in the bush resplendent with surprise holiday treats, holiday themed hors d’oeuvres, a 5 course African themed celebration dinner, gingerbread cookies during evening turndown, and even marshmallow roasting around the fire.

African breakfast

If your travels take you to the Fairmont Mara Safari Club, you’ll be treated to a holiday brunch complete with festive flavours like roast turkey with cranberry sauce and suckling pig with mustard sauce from the carving station. In typical African fashion, your chef will fire up some charcoal for choma sausages, grilled chicken, and highland filet mignon. They will also whip up moong dhal, ghobi matar, and baked potatoes to complement your meal. In normal brunch fashion, desserts and beverages will be available as well. While you may not be celebrating the holidays in a winter wonderland, the food will certainly feel proper for one.

Festive Activities

Aside from filling your stomach with delicious foods, you’ll find your days full of special activities and touches too. In addition to the usual safari drives and features of your trip, you’ll find holiday carolers around the campfire at night, African drumming and singing during dinner, and Maasai dancers at turndown. Holiday and spectacle tend to go hand in hand, and we like to deliver. 

Additionally, if children are present on the trip they will get the opportunity to embark on an afternoon safari walk with a professional guide and be presented with their own “junior guide” certificates upon completion. Furthermore, rooms will be outfitted accordingly with stockings stuffed full of goodies, decorated trees, and presents placed under the tree with care. 

For couples on a holiday getaway, get ready for candlelit dinners, pillow gifts of homemade chocolate fudge and romantic turndowns complete with chocolate truffles, Kenyan liquor, and roses. The holidays are all about spending time with the people you love and, at Micato, we ensure everyone’s wishes are granted on safari. 

festive holiday table in Africa

Ring in the New Year Micato Style 

If you thought we forgot about New Year celebrations, think again. No holiday season would be complete without topping everything off with a brand new year. While you may be happily far away from a descending, glittery ball in the city, we make certain you close out your year in complete luxury. 

From indulgent spa experiences at the Four Seasons to spending your last day of the year simply doing what you please, we ensure each guest gets to spend their New Year’s going at their own pace. As the day winds down, you’ll be treated to a delectable New Year’s Eve dinner with a special menu and Maasai Performers. Once dinner is wrapped up, it’s time to celebrate! Our New Year’s Eve countdown extravaganza will feature sumptuous treats, delicious beverages, and live entertainment. There’s a lot to love about ringing in the New Year with us, so come start off your year right.  

African drummers

Safari With Us for the Holidays

We openly embrace the holiday season for our travellers here at Micato and making them feel like they’re spending time with the best family members possible throughout their stay is part of our charm. If we’ve gotten your holiday travel bells ringing, please consider joining us in Africa for the best safari experience of your life. We’d love a spot in your top holiday memories, so get in touch with our expert Safari Specialists and get travelling.

Celebrate the Holidays in Africa!

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