Africa Tented Camps We Love

By Micato Staff August 10, 2018

Which tented camps featured on our luxury African safaris do we love the most?

We’re tempted to answer that question the way parents do when they’re put on the spot: We love all of our children equally!

The thing is, no one quite believes parents when they say that.

So, if we may qualify and extend the metaphor, it’s not so much that we love one child over another, it’s that they’re all so wonderful in different ways.

With that, here are just some of the (all very special!) tented camps you might encounter while on safari with Micato in Africa.

Angama Mara

Maasai Mara, Kenya

On the edge of the Great Rift Valley, Angama Mara embraces its enviable perch with modern, elevated tented suites, whose 36-foot-wide floor-to-ceiling glass frontages bestow heavenly views of the Mara. From our private wooden deck we might take our butler-proffered coffee at sunrise before our Maasai naturalist escorts us on a memorable walking safari to explore the miles of wilderness at our doorstep.

Mara Plains Camp

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Located in a spectacularly predator-rich area of the Mara, Mara Plains is an intimate escape, with seven tents in a vast private conservancy. Sweeping savannah views dominate the lusciously appointed marquis tents that create the lounge, dining room, and library. Unique octagonal guest tents are raised on decks with floor-to-ceiling net walls. Combined with night game drives, nature walks, and unrivalled access to superior wildlife, Mara Plains Camp presents a remarkable bush experience.

Mahali Mzuri Tented Camp

Maasai Mara, Kenya

The inspired creation of Sir Richard Branson, Mahali Mzuri is a luxury tented camp whose futuristic, fabulously comfortable and innovative—yet very African—tents resemble the tents of our youth like a Gulfstream G650 resembles a Piper Cub. The camp, graced with an infinity pool and a wealth of Bransonesque touches, is located next to one of the Mara’s prime game-viewing areas, much frequented during the great migration.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania

We speak often here about the “Africa of your imagination” which is in part a state of mind conjured by safari but is also in large measure driven by the magic of the camp. Singita Sabora is a charming and luxe amalgam of character and nostalgia that brings to mind the explorers’ camps of the 1920s. Nine tents artfully done with campaign furniture, Persian rugs, and antiques plus, if you wish it, day beds just outside your tents from which to ogle northern Tanzania’s game or catch a well-earned nap. Active pursuits easily abound, too, if guests wish to avail themselves of the tennis court, pool, spa, and gym and, of course, guided walking safaris to explore the savannahs.

Tarangire Treetops

Tarangire, Tanzania

The main lodge encircles a baobab tree, but that’s just one Treetops fascination: every marvelous tree house boasts one of the largest bedrooms to be found in any camp or lodge in East Africa. Each features an exotic double shower in its en-suite bathroom, furnishings that demonstrate a commitment to fine local craftsmanship, and an open-fronted room design affording views across the Tarangire plains from an expansive balcony. 

Zarafa Camp

Selinda Reserve, Botswana

Set in the shade of a red ivory forest, Zarafa Camp is an eco-friendly hideaway offering a personalized luxury camp experience. Accommodating only eight guests, the camp’s four 1,000-square-foot marquis tents each feature enchantingly rustic decor, complete with custom-crafted furniture and a copper fireplace. Outside, the veranda offers a private plunge pool, lounge, and breathtaking views of the Zibadianja Lagoon. Zarafa entwines exquisite privacy with comforts. 

Mombo Camp

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Newly rebuilt, as most camps are from the ground up, Mombo and its nine tents are remarkably well situated to ogle the widlife-rich floodplains of the Okavango Delta. And when we say tents, the definition through the glamping lens is naturally fancier than you’d think: A sitting room and separate bedroom, indoor and outdoor showers and bathtubs finished with copper and brass. And one of the main events here, of course, is rhino conservation: Mombo has admirably advocated the reintroduction of black and white rhino into Botswana’s wilderness. 

Duba Plains Camp

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Intimate—only five rooms and a two-bedroom suite—Duba Plains Camp rests pacifically in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Designed by the renowned filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dereck Joubert to blend seamlessly into the Delta’s lush forests, Duba Plains pays tribute to the miraculous, animal-abounding Okavango with traditional Botswanan grace and cheery panache.

All of these deliciously indulgent tented camps and many more may be visited on our Custom African safaris, hand-tailored from top to bottom according to your schedule, interests, and whims. Depending on availability, entire camps — fully staffed, with exceptional service and amenities, stellar food, and all — may be reserved for your friends and family, truly making for an unforgettable stay. Click below to get in touch with a Micato Safari Specialist to chat about these custom journeys and learn more about our favourite tented camps.

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